Los deseos de Mafalda… y míos

Silvia, desde Argentina, me ha mandado un power point con todos estos deseos que yo quiero retransmitir a todos vosotros, para lo que queda del 2009 y sucesivos… comenzando por el 2010:

Acerca de Carlos

Expiloto de líneas Aéreas, aficionado a las artes: Pintura, Literatura, Música, Fotografía, con ganas de divulgar aquello que he vivido a lo largo de mi experiencia profesional y humana..

4 pensamientos sobre “Los deseos de Mafalda… y míos

  1. My Bonus, I always intended to make others think. To make thenselves live in a happily way, their way… My own way is not useful for others, but may help them to behave better. Don’t you think so?. Thank U so much, my compliments. 😉

  2. Some exceptional thoughts here. Are you convinced this really is the appropriate way to appear at it although? My own personalized encounter is that everybody should preferably pretty a great deal stay and let stay simply because what only one person thinks just — an additional human being basically doesn’t. Human beings are about to do what they prefer to do. Inside a end, they normally do. One of the most we can pray for is always to highlight several points right here and there that hopefully, makes it possible for them to create just a small superior informed selection. Otherwise, tremendous article. You are clearly producing me presume!

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