Reacción de ATCEUC

Este acrónimo es el de Air Traffic Controllers European Unions Coordination. Iba a traducirlo del Inglés al Español, pero como estamos en un país que no se molesta en leer ni en su propia lengua, ni mucho menos aún en comprender el significado de determinados comunicados, me ahorro el trabajo.

«[air navigation control, […] is a task involving the exercise of public
authority and is not of an economic nature, since that activity constitutes a
service in the public interest which is intended to protect both the users of air
transport and the populations affected by aircraft flying over them». (Extract of
decision C.364/92 of the European Court of Justice).


Brussels, December 04th 2010


ATCEUC is revolted by the present situation that Spain is living and condemns the

conduct of the Spanish government unworthy of a democratic European country:

in its fight against its controllers, it now seems ready to put Safety at risk.

How can anyone expect a controller to work safely while guarded like a prisoner by

army soldiers and police ? Has the Spanish Minister of Transport lost his mind? The

Spanish government as a whole shall be held responsible for all the consequences of

their actions.

To militarize, to legislate new working conditions solely and differently for controllers,

not taking into account any fundamental rights….. Are the Spanish controllers still

Spanish citizens?

In a democratic Europe with the new Single European Sky II regulations promoting

the Human Factor pillar and the social dialogue and making those mandatory, we

cannot understand the way the Spanish Kingdom is acting.

Nothing could justify the level of violence and the shameful methods that are being

used at present.

The present situation is really sad. But it is worse when one realises it was totally

predictable, hence avoidable. There has been enough time to solve the situation.

What started like a political will, a hidden privatization of the company, rather than

an operational decision has ended up in a real mess.

Have not been the Spanish Air Navigation Service Provider and the Spanish Air

Traffic Controllers Union negotiating for the last few months?

Where are the results?

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